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Burmese Mountain Dog

Burmese Mountain Dog

The Burmese Mountain Dog is a medium sized, muscular dog originally bred in Burma (Myanmar) to guard Buddhist temples. It is often mistaken by tourists as a German Shepherd.
Burmese Mountain Dog was originally bred to guard the temples and keep the temples free of rodents and beggars. It is also known as the Burmese Temple Dog. Carvings of Burmese Mountain Dogs along with their living counterparts can be seen guarding many of the ancient temples throughout Myanmar. This selective breeding for guarding made the Burmese Mountain Dog a favorite of the mountain drug dealers during and after World War II.
The very first Burmese Mountain Dogs introduced into the United States came home with troops stationed along the 'Burma Road' during the World War II. In 1954, a group of Burmese Opium Lords set up a standard for the Burmese Mountain Dog which has remained virtually unchanged ever since. The Burmese Mountain Dog Club of America was established in 1985 to foster the breed in the United States and the world. Dr. Don E. Descy made the first Burmese Mountain Dog Website in 1993. His Website later morphed into the Club site.
Burmese Mountain Dogs guarding a temple.

So you want to own a Burmese Mountain Dog?

  • The Burmese Mountain Dog is a breed of dog able to guard, ferret small game, and protect property.
  • The Burmese Mountain Dogs are remarkably clean dogs. They are easy to keep as they are rarely noisy or quarrelsome, unless provoked.
  • The Burmese Mountain Dog is a dog for everyone; they are bred to be friendly, obedient servants. They are very easy to train and want to please as much as possible.
Burmese Mountain Dog


          In the hind legs the muscles should be clean, well defined and hocks well down. Feet as in front.


         Should be short and dense, sleek and glossy in appearance but neither woolly nor silky.


           Brown with black patches. A black chest with a brown "V" is desirable.

  • General appearance, size, symmetry and balance 20
  • Black crest 20
  • Head 15
  • Legs and Feet 15
  • Neck and Shoulders 10
  • Body, Back, Chest and Loin 10
  • Coat and Color 5
  • Tail 5
  • Total 100


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