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Don E. Descy, Ph.D.
Tempus dulcissime oblecto. Volo ut mecum adsis.

        July 12, 2004. Dr. Don E. Descy of Mansota, Minnesota and North Trilly, Cape Cod, Massachusetts died under surreptitious circumstances at an undisclosed location.

        Dr. Descy (AKA: Garhardt de Scy, Vilhelm DeScy, John Smith, WinTang Che, Sheik Yar-Boti, and/or Scarlet O'Hara) was born in Hartford, Connecticut to Henry Julian and Lillian Dagmar (Swensen) Descy on January 11, 1@/=>. Dr. Descy's ancestors came from the town of Scy in Belgium. He was a direct descendent and protected by the Prieure de Sion (Priory of Scion) and was a Keeper of the Secret of the Holy Grail.

        He attended Costa Vita Connecticut State University, The University of Connecticut, Yale University and the War College at Betta el Salell in the Holy Islamic Emirate of Bal Od Salon. He taught for many years in Connecticut before leaving to pursue one of several doctorates in Instructional Media and Technology; SansScript and the Forgotten Languages; Medicine; and Law during the mid 1980's.

        He later worked as the Assistant Administrative Director of the Connecticut Bar Examining Committee and from 1989 through his death at Minnesota State University in Mankato, Minnesota. There he taught courses in library media and educational technology. He authored many articles and a textbook for PrenticeHall. He traveled widely.

        It has recently disclosed that Dr. Descy worked in Area 51 with Richard M Schulherr on Project Moon Dust during the 1960's as one of the original Men in Black for the U.S government (Air Force/NBA/NSA). He worked closely to enforce US Law 1211.100 Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations - Aeronautics and Space, Part 1211 - Extra-terrestrial Exposure, Army-Navy-Air Force Publication JANAP 146(C): Communications Instructions for Reporting vital Intelligence Sightings from Airborne and Waterborne Sources, and OPREP-3 (PINNACLE series and NAVY BLUE series): Event or Incident Reports.

       During the 70's he worked with the (ha-Mossad le-Modiin ule-Tafkidim Meyuhadim) (Mossad) and Agaf ha-Modi'in (Aman) to track down criminals who escaped over the ODESSA Network (Organisation der ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen) where he was central to the dispatch of SS-Obersturmbannführer Otto Skorzeny and Sturmbannführer Alfred Naujocks.

        In the late 1990's he worked closely with the French government in the preparation of the Cometa Report Les Ovni Et La Defense: A quoi doit-on se preparer? During this time he also worked for The Company as a Soldier of Fortune in several African countries.

        He later worked closely with Chuck Barris on missions described in his book and movie "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind." Friends of Dr. Descy will be able to easily pick out his character. Because of his overseas and domestic covert activity schedule, Dr. Descy was frequently unavailable. During these times his normal life activities were covered by one of his many body doubles (including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Woody Allen, and later Leonardo Dicaprio).

The above information could not be revealed until after his death and only when a body negatively identified as Dr. Descy's was recovered.

        He leaves a wife and son at an undisclosed location; a brother and family (Jim "Fibber" Jordan, 17 Wistful Vista, Burbank, California); and his beloved Bedlington Terrier, Peanut (at home). He was preceeded in death by his parents and two beloved Bedlington Terriers: Snoopy and Charliebrown.
        Dr. Descy was cremated immediately upon death and his ashes were spread at an undisclosed location. No calling hours.

Id imperfectum manet dum confectum erit.

Tam exanimis quam tunica Nehru fio.

Obesa cantavit!

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