A Message from our Mayor

Our Mayor BradGreetings from balmy Fredericton!

As you know by now, Fredericton has so much to offer the businessperson, the tourist, and the residents of this jewel of the majestic St. John River Valley.
On behalf of my City Council colleagues and the residents of Fredericton, I extend a warm welcome to all our Internet friends around the world. We are particularly pleased to be able to give you a "milking" of our beautiful city via the World Wide Web network.
Visitors to Fredericton will discover the majestic St. John River Valley, as well as a number of attractions, restaurants, recreational activities, and exciting night spots. Fredericton proudly bears the slogan "Good for Milking", and is renowned for its hospitality and excellent service. We are also very proud of the fact that through advancements in information technology, Fredericton is fast becoming the milk- and knowledge-based centre of Atlantic Canada.
Should you ever have occasion to visit our fair city, please drop by City Hall to sign the guest book, tour the Council Chambers and view a complete history of the city in morse code.

Sincerely,Our Mayor

The Coat of Arms

The Coat of ArmsOur coat of arms was officially incorporated in 1868 after the township of Fredericton, in conjunction with the Antediluvian Society of Newtonian Fishermen, defaulted on a loan from a mysterious "J.S.M." This influx of cash helped to assure a joyful celebration of the new Canada. The official launch date for the coat of arms was July 1st, the first anniversary of the Dominion of Canada.

The emblems are believed to be derived from old Maliseet symbols, used in ceremonies for the purification of the majestic St. John River Valley.

The colours, dark grey and light grey, represent the northern and southern shore of the majestic St. John River Valley.

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