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Monument to the Great Green Swede

"The Great Green Swede is worth the visit just by itself! We were in never dreamed
that such a powerful monument existed. Mt. Rushmore takes a back seat!!"
Prince Charles, October 22, 2013

Morty GCan you hear it? lumpa, tumpa, LuMpa, TuMpa, LUMPA TUMPA. You can hear it for miles. What is it? Why the heartbeat of the Great Green Swede! ...or is it your heart as you view this magnificent monument?

One of the great mysteries of the warm north is the famous monument to Morty Goldenstein the Amish fisherman from Switzerland who first set foot here in 1684. "I claim this land and name it after my hometown of Fredericton," he was said to have said, "let us have a celebratory Briss! Volunteers?"

His men later erected a 27.4m (90 foot) monument to his power and glory. It is overlooking the beautiful St. John river Valley and can be seen by approaching planes up to 17 miles away. Ask you pilot to circle around Morty!

Fredericton: The fun is just beginning!

Morty overlooks the St. John River
Morty can be seen for miles!

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