Calculate and reduce your carbon footprint.

Calculate your carbon footprint and help reduce global warming.

Do It Yourself sites:

The Union of Concerned Scientist offers information and a calculator to help you save energy and reduce global warming.

An Inconvenient Truth has a great way to calculate your personal impact on global warming.

Conservation International allows you to calculate your impact and purchase carbon offsets. offers "20 Simple Tips for Lowering Your Home's Carbon Footprint.

Energy Efficiency: First things First. An energy guide from Rocky Mountain Institute.

Home Heating options. A list of articles on energy-efficient, renewable & alternative heating options form Mother Earth News.

Installing the right wood stove. Interesting information about wood stove efficiency and pollution.

The Partnership for Home Energy Efficiency is a partnership between private and government groups to help all of us save energy.

The National Center for Appropriate Technology helps people by championing small-scale, local, and sustaninable solutions.
<> Many organizations allow you to buy carbon offsets to offset emissions that you make. If you are interested, try these sites:
The Carbon Fund
The Carbon Trade Watch
The Conservation Fund
TerraPass offers carbon offsets, products, gifts and more. 

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