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Clinton & Dole -- Workingfor a Change.

As President Clinton seeks to find a replacement for Vice President AlGore who was apparently paralyzed during his years in the Senate, manyhope he will turn to his former adversary Senator Bob Dole.

Politicalpundits have encouraged this move, noting that there are few significantpolicy differences between the two moderates, and hoping that Bob Dole willbalance the ticket age-wise for the crucial AARP vote this November.

While President Clinton has not commented on this move publicly, sourcesinside the Whitehouse say he is considering it seriously. Clintonreportedly was much impressed by Senator Bob Dole's handling of the assaultweapons ban, as well as his willingness to work together to create thelargest federal budget yet.

While Clinton and Dole are progressing through the campaign with analmost solid assurance of victory, they are making plans for futureappointments. One likely appointment will be Texas billionairre H. RossPerot who shares their passion for what others have termed "issues ofdistraction." Dick Lamm, a past governor from Colorado is challenging Perotfor the appointment as Secretary of State and may get the nod pending theoutcome of a nationwide poll of "reform"-minded individuals and political"outsiders" such as Perot and Lamm.

The only real competitor against the powerhouse Clinton/Dole ticketis the extremist Libertarian candidate Harry Browne, who actually wants toCUT government and RESTORE civil liberties. He, of course, stands no chanceagainst Clinton and Dole since all Americans recognize the need for biggergovernment, and realize that civil liberties are outdated (not to mentiondangerous).