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Mankato's Riverfront
Mankato, MN

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An International Vacation Magazine top five world pick!
"If you have not visited Mankato, YOU HAVE NOT
VISITED MANKATO!" Visit us soon!

Let's "Make It In Mankato" ! !

Mankato, Minnesota is truly a wonderland. Tucked into the Emerald Green Valley in Southern Minnesota, it is the hidden vacation Mecca of scores of knowing Midwesterners. Mankato has everything thanks to a freak of nature: the Sclare/Far Fissure. This fissure in the earth's crust takes water seeping through the earth, heats it to well over 165 degrees, and sends it back up to the surface in steam pits and boil holes. The heat from these pits and holes heats the valley air to such an extent that the winter temperature in many Mankato neighborhoods has never dropped below a balmy 70 degrees!!!! Come enjoy our winters! Let's "Make It Mankato" ! !
We are real, we are warm and we would love to see you!

Mankato is the place to vacation. Sick of the cold? Come to Mankato. We are warm and cozy all through the year. Sick of the heat? No need to worry. The same hot springs that keep us warm all winter keeps Mt. Kroto ski area cold all year long!!! Think of that! Ski Mt. Kroto all summer long! The deep veins that keep the hot springs hot, draw their energy from the land around Mt. Kroto. Cold ground equals lots of snow 24/7/365! Come and enjoy and Make it in Mankato!
LufsaHoma original Dracula castle

LufsaHoma in Mankato.
The original fictional "Castle Dracula"
from Bram Stoker's novel.
Reserve your place now for the
LufsaHoma Halloween Ball!
It is never too early.
Tickets go fast.


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Let's visit:
  1. Mankato Map. Showing points of interest!
  2. Mankato's History,
  3. Sibley Park Hot Springs with the DeScy Hot Falls and UPDATED Dug Johnson Sauna,
  4. UPDATED The Underwater City, and
  5. UPDATED Mankato's own Underwater World and Hotel Reuter Unter der River,
  6. The great Mankato Pyramid,
  7. Mankato's Riverfront,
  8. The great Stoddard/Milet expeditionary digs of 1907 and the mysterious Silver Disks! Were they alien spacecraft or a communist plot?
  9. The Führer Putz Underbot Verks Submarine Docks and UPDATED "Submarine Days!",
  10. The Presidents Bush enjoy fishing in Mankato... the Venice of the north!
  11. UPDATED! Do you know the legends of Haunted Mankato? You may wish that you did not!
  12. UPDATED Whale watching on the Minnesota River,
  13. Enjoy tuna and swordfish? Try deep-sea fishing on the Minnesota River,
  14. Enjoy the Ski-Cruise to 10 months of skiing on Mt. Kroto!
  15. A Girl,
  16. Celebrate the Winter Solenoid in Mankato: "Hurt Me, Hurt Me Mistress Zeta!",
  17. Visit the Great Castle Leed on Mount Mankato. A thrilling mountain view! "All Hail Great Leeder Douglas!",
  18. Mandota University. Home of the "The Fighting Sheep!!"
  19. DM&A Rail Overpass Approved!
  20. SOON: A letter from "Fast Eddie" Swindler Honorable Faux-Mayor of the Mankato.
  21. A letter from Maureen Gustafson of the Mankato Chamber and Convention Bureau. Maureen likes Sony Playstation 2, Nintendo GAMECUBE, XBOX, Atari, and Gameboy.
  22. The other City of Mankato home page.
  23. Please visit New Hartford, MN. Our sister city!
  24. The State of Florida Voters Guide", Martha Stewart Living Behind Bars! and Hillary Rodham Clinton's Secret Recipe Chicken and chicken health care.
  25. Direct link to THE END OF THE INTERNET. There is no place to go after you reach this point.

Mankato's Riverfront Mankato's Riverfront

Celebrating New Year's Day on
Mankato's Riverfront


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