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Let's "Make It In Mankato" ! !

Mankato, Minnesota is truly a wonderland. Tucked into the Emerald Green Valley in Southern Minnesota, it is the hidden vacation Mecca of scores of knowing Midwesterners. Mankato has everything thanks to a freak of nature: the Farr/Sclare Fissure. This fissure in the earth's crust takes water seeping through the earth, heats it to well over 165 degrees, and sends it back up to the surface in steam pits and boil holes. The heat from these pits and holes heats the valley air to such an extent that the winter temperature in many Mankato neighborhoods has never dropped below a balmy 70 degrees!!!! Come enjoy our winters! Let's "Make It Mankato" ! !

Lets visit:
  1. Mankato's History,
  2. Mankato Map. Showing points of interest!
  3. Sibley Park Hot Springs,
  4. The Underwater City,
  5. The great Mankato Pyramid,
  6. The great Pengelly/Birmingham expeditionary digs of 1907 and the mysterious Silver Disks! Where they alian space craft or a communist plot?
  7. The Führer Putz Underbot Verks Submarine Docks and "Submarine Days!",
  8. Whale watching on the Minnesota River,
  9. Enjoy tuna and swordfish? Try deep-sea fishing on the Minnesota River,
  10. Mankota University. Home of the "The Fighting Sheep!!"

Mankato's Riverfront

Celebrating New Year's Day on
Mankato's Riverfront


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