Eastern Social Justice Law Network

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The Eastern Social Justice Law Network is a clearinghouse for relaying information spotlighting the injustices carried on by certain people, institutions, organizations, businesses and political parties against both protected and non-protected classes and groups.

Our staff of attorneys and researchers are on the front line fighting social injustice for all non-conforming groups. We have fought and won over 300 lawsuits since we our inception in 2015. We are currently fighting in 18 courts around the country. We expect to win them all.

94% of the money we raise goes directly to our work, 2% to fund-raising and 4% for anministrative costs. We are proud the fact that we are faithful stewards of our funds and gifts. 

Social Justice is difficult to define. Social justice is based on equality and human rights and the equal and fair relationships between society and the individual. This may include the equal and fair distribution of wealth, justice, housing and opportunity. Government and media control are cornerstones of social justice.