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2018 by the numbers

  7%: Percentage drop in gun homicides.

10%: Percentage drop in fireare injuries.

12%: Percentage drop in fatal shootings of those under 18. 

21%: Percentage dro in unintentional shootings.

1,440%: Percentage jump in concealed carry permits issued in Washington, D.C. since District's "good reason" permitting process was struct down by the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

Right to Carry and Chicago Property Crime

The clear conclusion is that property crime decreased in Chicago following passage of the right-to-carry or "shall issue" law in 2013. Philadelphia with no such laws had no such effect. (Ball State University, Villanova University study of crime reports in Chicago and Philadelphia from 1/2006-12/2015.)

Concealed Carry and Crime Increase

"We found no relationship between the type of concealed-carry process or the general permissiveness of the process and increased rates of homicide or other violent crime." (Mayo Clinic, Virginal Tech Carillion School fo Medicine)

"The states that were more urban, and anecdotally more liberal, had both stronger gun laws but also more instances of mass shooting events." (Study of mass shooting and characteristics of communities where they occure by Bowling Green University and Universty of Toledo.)

Federal Bureau of Investigation Active Shooter

The FBI and John Lott's Crime Prevention Research Center identified 283 active shooter events from 2000 through 2017. in 11.7 % (33) of the cases armed citizens were present. The armed citizens were able to stop the shooter 75.8 % of the time. When they could not stop the shooter it was estimated that they prevented probable loss of life another 18.2 % of the time. Jacob Paulson of calculated that the armed citizen had an active shooter success rate of 94%. The armed citizen - active shooter confrontation did not injure or kill any innocent bystander.

U.S. Mass Shooting Numbers

"A multiple homicide incident in which four or more victims are murdered with firearms, with one event, in at least one or more public locations, such as, a workplace, school, restaurant, house of worship, neighborhood, or pther public setting." (Congressional Research Service)

Number of true U.S. mass shootings in a recent 311 day period: 307 (Gun Violence Archive). True number: 6 (Congressional Research Service)

"Teachers should be allowed to be trained and armed. No gun control measures are recommended." (Major Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission recommentation)