Internet Based Information

The World Wide Web is expanding at an unbelievable rate. Some experts say that a new site is placed online every 3 seconds!!

It is possible for almost anyone to place anything on theInternet. How can we be sure that the information we receive onlineis accurate? Let us read what some of the experts say.

Here are several sets of Web sites to look at (please email other favorites so I can post them ddescy@yahoo.com):


Evaluating Information Found on the Internet

Consumer WebWatch: Research on how people rate credibility of Websites.

"Thinking Critically About World Wide Web Resources" by Esther Grassian atthe UCLA College Library.

"InformationQuality" from the "World Wide Web Virtual Library" by Matthew T.Ciolek.

"Evaluating Web Sites: Criteria and Tools" from the Cornell University Library.

Evaluating Web Pages": A Duke University Research Guide

"Critical Evaluation Surveys and Resources" by Kathy Schrock.

The Credibility PowerPoint Presentation presented by Don Descy.


Dr. Gail M.Staines, Coordinator of Library Instruction, Library LearningCenter at Niagara County Community College in Sanborn, New Yorkcompiled this list of questions to ask when evaluating a Website.

Questions to ask.

Sites to find even more information:

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